The location of our shoot determines the look and feel of the photos, which is why I want you to think about what you want your images to portray and to take the time to determine the location, as we plan your shoot.

I have provided some information and suggestions below for you to consider.  Please review this information and then I look forward to discussing possible locations with you as we plot out the session



The subjects.

+ Who are you?  Where are you the happiest? These photos are meant to portray who you are, where you are happiest and most comfortable.  You happiness will shine through in the photos and make them more beautiful

+ What is special to you and your family?

+ Where do your memories happen?

+ Is there a special park or area you frequent or that has meaning to you?

+ Is there a particular activity that your family loves to do together? Are you sporty, are you artsy, are you more city, urban or country?




This is where you live.

This is where most of your memories are made.


There is something very special and intimate about an at home session.

+ At-home session is perfect for a cozy, cuddly, happy shoot, especially with newborns or in the winter.

+ Selecting an at-home session doesn't mean we will just be inside. We will use your porch, your backyard, your front stoop, your block, your street……your ‘hood!

+ An activity – do you love to cook? Let’s cook something together! Do you love to read? Let me capture story time. Do you love to play cards? Shuffle them out!

+ Here is an important one: listen, and listen carefully…..Your home does not have to be perfect. The housekeeper doesn’t need to be there that day. What I will do is come into your home and assess the light and what we have to work with. Then, together, we will go over the areas that I think would be best to use. Most common will be – master bed, living room, kitchen, kids play space….and ever the floor! Where ever the light is. But you need to be open, I may even move things around, or if you have colorful bedding have you stripe it down so we just have white sheets.





The US National Arboretum

Located off New York Avenue in Northwest DC, this is an amazing space for a photo shoot. It has a huge field, which gives the feeling of a vast expanse and a more farm like setting. This would be great for an afternoon/evening picnic.  This location is good in any season (Website:


Rock Creek Park

There are many locations throughout Rock Creek Park that would be good, but a favorite of mine is the horse stables off Western Avenue in Northwest, DC. Is if fun to visit the horse stables and there is an amazing field right next to the stables which has magical light during twilight

Montrose Park

Georgetown’s Montrose Park is wonderful for photo shoots. It has many different backdrops and is easily accessible especially for quicker shoots.

Bishop's Garden at the National Cathedral

In Northwest DC, this spot is a favorite of photographers and clients alike which is a bit of a deterrent for me. I would much rather select an area that is different and unique.  However, some families really like being on the Cathedral grounds and the gazebo and beautiful gardens do make this a great spot, so I will use this location if you would like!


Foxhall Park

A current favorite, this idyllic setting in Northwest, DC off Foxhall Road on W Street, this park is relatively undiscovered. Its rolling hills and tall trees make for an oasis in the city!



  • The Canal - anywhere from Georgetown to Great Falls in MD or VA
  • Diffucult Run, trail in Mclean, VA
  • Great Falls, MD or VA
  • Georgetown - For a real urban, funky, city feel
  • Old Town
  • Percy Park - Waterfront park in Georgetown 
  • Wolftrap - Vienna, VA
  • Roosevelt Island (
  • Huntley Meadows Park -Alexandria (
  • Brookside Gardens - Wheaton, MD (